Monday, July 15, 2013

How to Reset Acer Laptop/Desktop/Tablet Windows 8 Password?

“After I changed my Windows 8 password on Acer laptop, I went to logon and realized that I can’t remember what the password is. So I just wonder how to reset Acer Windows 8 password ( and regain access to my locked win 8 system” From Marry.
acer windows 8 password reset
If you have no password reset disk and another admin account, reinstalling Windows 8 is an option. But this should be the last option as it will cause data loss. Here I highly recommend you burning a boot Win 8 password reset disk to recover Windows 8 password in Acer computer. Below is a detail guide about it.

What you Need to Prepare for Acer Windows 8 Password Reset?

1. Your Acer laptop
2. Windows 8 Password Recovery Tool to burn a boot Wind 8 password reset USB disk
3. A PC to download and install Windows 8 Password Recovery Tool
4. A USB stick ( backup your vital data in advance avoid of data loss)
5. A few minutes to reset Windows 8 password Acer

All theses stuff are set? If so, you can reset forgotten Windows 8 password for a locked Acer laptop, desktop or tablet step by step.

Steps to Reset Acer Password Windows 8

[1] Download, install and run Windows 8 Password Recovery Tool from its official website on any accessible PC.
[2] Insert USB flash drive into PC and click “Burn USB button” once Windows 8 Password Recovery Tool detected it.
[3] Boot your locked Acer laptop from the boot win 8 USB disk and you will see Windows 8 Password Recovery Tool under Windows PE.
[4] Select the Win 8 user account whose password you need to reset for and then click Reset button.
[5] Click Reboot button to restart Acer. When the Win 8 login screen appers, you can log into it without password.
Note: To boot normally from the hard drive instead of the boot disk, please remove the inserted boot disk during restarting.

More Information about Windows 8 Password Recovery Tool

Windows 8 Password Recovery Tool is the most popular password reset tool for Windows 8/7/Vista/XP/2012/2011/2008/2003/2000. It can reset password for various user accounts on Windows, including local administrator, standard user, guest, domain administrator, etc. Instant Acer Windows 8 password reset speed, ease of operation, 100% success rate and 100% safe are the main advantages of the tool.

All in all, Windows 8 Password Recovery Tool is the best choice to reset Windows 8 password for all Acer brands such as Acer Aspire, Acer One, Acer A, Acer Iconia, Acer AOD, Acer TravelMate, etc.It is really the best solution for Acer Windows 8 password recovery.


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  2. what bout those of us using a tablet ? how do we do it if we have no physical keyboard